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Announcing general availability of service principal profiles in Power BI Embedded

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Until now, ISVs and other Power BI Embedded app owners were able to deploy the embedded solution to production by using one of the following 2 options:

  • Create one service principal for all their customers, where they have a Power BI limit of 1,000 workspaces per each service principal
  • Create one service principal per each customer, where they have the burden of managing thousands of service principals

Now, I’m happy to present a new method that allows a much larger number of customers per one service principal by introducing a new entity named service principal profile. Each service principal profile can administer a customer, and the number of profiles per service principal can reach hundreds of thousands.

Service principal profiles allow the ISV to build a scalable application that enables better customer data isolation and establishes tighter security boundaries between customers.

Using service principal profiles enables the ISV application to host multiple customers on a single Power BI tenant. Each profile represents one customer in Power BI. In other words, each profile creates and manages datasets, reports, dashboards, and other artifacts that are connected only to one specific customer’s data.

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Check out the video below for more information:

Please use the following resources to learn more about service principal profiles in Power BI Embedded:

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In addition, Ted Pattison, a Power BI Embedded expert and a member of Power BI Customer Advisory Team, is going to cover service principal profiles in the next  Power BI Dev Camp session on March 31. I highly encourage you to join!:

Session 20: Scaling Multi-tenant Solutions using Service Principal Profiles