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Announcing Power BI “publish to web” preview

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Updated Feb 4: I'd like to provide more clarity around admin control. We released the publish to web capability in preview, and are working on a variety of additional updates including the ability for admins to enable/disable. The ability to enable/disable publish to web will arrive next week, worldwide.

Our goal with Power BI has always been to enable users everywhere to experience data and bring it to life in the best way possible. With the General Availability (GA) of Power BI last year, we took a substantial step towards this goal in enabling business users everywhere to monitor, explore, visualize and drive insights from their data.

I am very excited to announce that today we are releasing the Power BI “publish to web” capability in preview. Microsoft Power BI publish to web allows users to tell compelling stories with interactive data visualizations in minutes. You can easily embed interactive Power BI visualizations in your blog and website or share the stunning visuals through your emails or social media communications. You can reach millions of users on any device, any place, for an engaging experience

As the amount of data generated around us continues to accelerate at a blistering pace, there is a tremendous desire and need for the ability to present data in visually engaging ways. This has influenced the way we tell stories and share data insights online.  The best stories are interactive, include rich data and are visual and interactive. A significant number of bloggers, journalists, newspaper columnists, and authors are starting to share data stories with their audience for an immersive experience.

Power BI publish to web allows you to publish reports that have been created using Power BI Desktop, or the Power BI web experience, with just a few clicks>

  • You can connect to hundreds of sources – files, databases, applications and public data sources are all easy to connect to and use in your data stories.
  • Your reports can auto-refresh and stay up to date.
  • You can visualize the data with utmost flexibility, using custom visuals.
  • You have ownership and manageability of the content you publish; administrators will have the control over this capability as well.
Let me share an interesting example of how Water1st International is levaraging this new Power BI capability to narrate stories over the web. Water1st is using Power BI Publish to Web to communicate the impact of its work to bring water and toilets to poor urban communities in Bangladesh.
"Power BI’s Publish to Web feature allows us to communicate a vast data set in a few powerful graphics. We are able to communicate the complexities and nuances of our work efficiently and effectively through visuals, and allow our supporters to interact with the data and the story it tells. We can share trends and developments with our supporters with a few simple queries of our project database. We can basically take them on a 5-minute tour of the work that has been accomplished over the last decade. We love it because it’s our actual project data telling the story!" (Marla Smith-Nilson, Founder & Executive Director, Water1st International)
We are also pleased to share with you other compelling examples of our customers and partners using Power BI publish to web to embed fully interactive Power BI visuals in their data stories.
  • Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation: The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) developed a Power BI dashboard to showcase its global program data and accomplishments. Using the publish-to-web feature, the dashboard is now featured on EGPAF’s external website  EGPAF also plans to publish country-specific dashboards for each of its 13 country programs across Africa. View the EGPAF dashboard here.
  • Grameen Foundation: Grameen Foundation helps the world's poorest people reach their full potential, connecting their determination and skills with the resources they need, providing a vital mix of financial services – loans, savings, insurance – to the rural poor and connecting farmers to markets to help them grow more high-value crops and demand better prices. See article here.
  • Water1st International:  Water1st International uses Power BI publish to web to communicate the issues and outcomes of its mission to consistently implement high-quality water and sanitation projects that provide permanent solutions for the world’s poorest communities. See article here.
  • J.J. Food Service: J.J. Food Service is a national foodservice specialist with branches across the UK supplying all food industry sectors from restaurants, pubs and hotels to schools, universities and local authorities J.J. Food Service is using Power BI to publish relevant data on websites and blogs to provide easy access to their reports to external partners. See article here.
  • Solomo Technology: SOLOMO Technology, Inc. is a Madison, Wisconsin-based company that provides a cloud based platform for indoor location analytics and mobile engagement; web-like analytics for the physical world. Solomo Technology makes a dynamic case for analytic-driven engagement supported by dynamic, highly visual Power BI publish to web reporting which illustrates campaign, location, and web and social data. See article here.
  • The Civic Innovation Project: The Civic Innovation Project was founded to amplify awareness and education regarding the solutions that have capacity to make the public sector more effective, innovative, and participatory.  Learn how the Civic Innovation Project is using Power BI publish to web.
  • Bing Predicts: The Bing Predicts team publishes many stories that need robust visualization such as their recent project exploring insights from Republican debate viewers. They had to produce and publish the project overnight after the debates, which required a strong, coordinated cross-team effort at Bing that went late into the night. Read article here.

In addition, see over 30 amazing examples of leading edge Business Intelligence solutions in the Power BI Partner Showcase. Each showcase uses Power BI publish to web in an interactive report to showcase specific scenarios.

Finally, the Power BI Best Report contest encouraged members of the Power BI Community to share their most creative reports that told a story using data.  Today we're posting the ten best finalists using the “publish to web” preview and encourage you to vote for your favorite by February 14.

We are excited to get this new capability into your hands. Give it a go yourself, and let us know what you think. Here’s a quick video walkthrough where Lukasz Pawlowski shows you how you can publish your data story, with just a few clicks.

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