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Announcing submetric roll ups in Power BI Metrics

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Metrics in Power BI lets customers curate their metrics and track them against an organization’s KPIs all in one place, enhancing data culture by promoting accountability, alignment, and visibility for teams and initiatives within organizations.

We are excited to announce a much anticipated release in our Metrics experience: With submetric roll ups, it’s easier than ever to aggregate your metric values so you can spend less time crafting multiple scorecards and connections, and more time analyzing your performance.

Submetric roll ups:

Previously, there was no way to aggregate a group of submetrics’ values to the parent metric. You could work around this by connecting all metric values to data, but to automatically roll up these values to a parent metric couldn’t be done.

Now, with the release of current and target roll ups, you can set automatic aggregations of your submetric values to show in your parent metric. You can select from aggregation types of sum, average, min and max values.

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Whichever aggregation you choose will automatically update current and/or target values. Roll ups work on connected values as well – if your submetrics are connected to data, we will take the aggregations of those values and show it in the parent metric. Roll ups are a great way to keep parent metrics that are not connected to data on track without requiring check-ins, saving you time to focus on diving into the why behind what’s going on with your metrics.

Key considerations:

  • Roll ups take place from the day they’re set up moving forward: they don’t remove, recalculate, or override historical data with retroactive rollup values, in almost all scenarios.
  • Roll ups show all viewers the roll up value of all submetrics, regardless of metric level permissions. This means if person A only has view access to 3 out of 5 submetrics, they still see the same parent metric value as someone who has access to all submetrics.

We are excited to announce this feature and we look forward to hearing how roll ups advance KPI tracking in your organization. Sound off in the comments!

Check out our documentation for more info.