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Re-imagine headers and navigation in the Power BI Mobile apps

Headshot of article author Maya Shenhav

As Power BI becomes a key tool for decision makers, more and more content is being created and published for them. Being able to easily find that content, to navigate between related items, and to share relevant content with colleagues has become critical to making these users productive when using Power BI and the Power BI Mobile apps.

In the last few months the team has being working on improving navigation in the Power BI mobile apps to make it easier for our users to understand their content hierarchy and to navigate between items quickly. We’ve also made it easier to share relevant content with colleagues.

Updated headers

This Power BI Mobile release features updated headers for reports, dashboards, and apps. We’ve rearranged the actions that can be done from the header and added a new Share action. The new Share action enables you to quickly share a link to an item with your colleagues, using any collaboration app you have on your device, such as Microsoft Teams, a mail app, etc.

New navigation tree

In this release we’ve also built a new Navigation tree component that you can access from the header drop down next to the item’s name:

The navigation tree shows you the location hierarchy of your content. You can easily navigate up the content hierarchy, go to sibling content, or quickly get to your home page. If the item you’re currently viewing is a report page, you’ll also find a list of all visible report pages, making it easy to jump from one page to another.

If the item you’re currently viewing is part of an app, the navigation tree will contain all the app’s content–sections, links, and all the reports and dashboards that are part of the app.

These updates are available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

What’s next?

  • Get the latest Power BI Mobile app and try out the Navigation tree for accessing and getting around your Power BI content.
  • Found an interesting insight that you want to share with your team? Use the new Share action to send them a link to the report.
  • If you still don’t have the Power BI Mobile app installed on your mobile device, you can get it from App Store, Google Play and Microsoft store.