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Webinars Jan 10-17: Power BI Custom Visuals, Flow Administration, PowerApps Custom APIs, and Building a PowerApps App

We’ve got four new webinars from Jan 10th – Jan17th for your viewing pleasure! The topics include: * Walking through the development process for creating custom visuals for Power BI * Microsoft Flow administration, SharePoint Integration and best practices * PowerApps Custom APIs, Gateways and Data sources * How to build production ready event application in less than a week with PowerApps

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Nov 1 Webinar: Big Data with Power BI, HDInsight, and Datameer

Power BI is a fantastic data visualization, transformation, and discovery product, but it’s not designed for “Big Data”-scale datasets. Meanwhile, Azure HDInsight is an impressive cloud-based Hadoop and Spark distribution that works at scale, but it isn’t designed to be friendly for business users the way Power BI is. In this webinar, Andrew Brust will show how you can leverage the scale of HDInsight and the ease-of use of Power BI with Datameer, part of the Azure HDInsight Application Platform. If you’re a Power BI fan, and you want to do Big Data analytics without learning the ins and outs of Hadoop and Spark, then don’t miss this webinar.

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