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Week 2/13 Webinars: Advanced non text data with Flow, Dynamics with Flow and Power BI Security

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We have three great webinars this week for your viewing pleasure:

  1. 2/13 Advanced dive on how to manipulate non-text data with Microsoft Flow by John Liu
  2. 2/14 Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow – Better Together by Jerry Weinstock
  3. 2/15 Unleash Security Patterns in Power BI – Reza Rad

Deep dive on how to manipulate non-text data with Microsoft Flow by John Liu


Workflow systems have been with us for a long time, allowing us to push numbers, text or even structured (XML/JSON) data around.  Those types of data are important, but this session isn’t about those things.

This session is an advanced look at Microsoft Flow, laser focused on a special use case – Flow’s ability to move binary data.  The session is loaded with practical examples of why we want to become very familiar with moving, converting, and transforming non-text data.

  • We’ll look at how we can send various forms of data into various business systems via Flow
  • Tricks about how to figure out what we are working with
  • How to embed it into HTML and return PDF files
  • Beyond text, beyond images to sound and movies

When: 2/13/2018 2PM PST (NOTE TIME CHANGE!!!)


About John Liu

John is a Senior Consultant based in Sydney for SharePoint Gurus (  He specializes and blogs ( frequently on client-side scripting, custom development, workflows and Forms. Originally from a long technical background with .NET, he made the jump to focus and work with numerous SharePoint and Office projects for the last decade.

John loves to find ways to bring the latest web technologies to the Office world, to apply the latest web developments to extend business’ capabilities.  In recent years, John is very much in love with serverless technology stack – Azure Functions, Microsoft Flow (Azure Logic Apps), API management and Function proxies.  He thinks if we are paying more than $5 per month on Azure we are doing it wrong.

John is a frequent speaker at SharePoint Conference, SharePoint Saturday, Microsoft Ignite and Office 365 events around Australia, and helps organizing the Sydney SharePoint User Group (e.g. consuming all the pizza).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow – Better Together by Jerry Weinstock

A fast-paced presentation and live demo using Microsoft Flow to extend the functionality of Dynamics 365. There will be an overview of Flow, what it is, how it can fit into your technology mix, and how to get started. Then I will demo several different applications to using Flow with Dynamics 365. I will peel back the technology and show you how the Flows work (within the constraints of a 60 minute session). After this session you will be able to jump into Flow and start experimenting. This session is perfect for those people who want to know what Flow is about, how to get started or may have tried to make a Flow but couldn’t get it to work.

When: 2/14/2018 10AM PST


About Jerry Weinstock

Jerry Weinstock is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP. He is the founder of CRM Innovation a software company that specializes in building add-on solutions to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and doing CRM consulting and implementations of the product for clients in the Kansas City area and throughout the Country.

When he isn’t working on CRM he is either water skiing or thinking about waterskiing.

Unleash Security Patterns in Power BI – Reza Rad

Security is different from Sharing, Sharing is about sharing the entire content with others, security is about authorizing different views of the content to others. In this session we go through many different Row Level Security patterns; Static Row Level Security, Dynamic Row Level Security, and many variations of the dynamic RLS, such as giving manager access as well as employee access, you will learn about user profile security scenarios, and hierarchical access levels. This session shows you how DAX and Power BI security comes together to play an important part of a Power BI project lifecycle: Row Level Security.

Come join us to learn more! Register now!

When: 2/15/2018 10AM PST


About the Reza Rad

Reza Rad is an author, trainer, speaker, and consultant. He has been a Microsoft Data Platform MVP for six years, specializing in Microsoft Business Intelligence and data movement. Reza has worked with Microsoft BI technologies more than 15 years. He is an MCP, an MCT, and co-leader of the New Zealand Business Intelligence Users Group.

Reza is author of the books SQL Server Integration Services , Microsoft SQL Server 2014/16 BI , and the Power BI online book From Rookie to Rock Star , and is author of Channel 9 SSIS tutorial video series. You can find his technical articles on his blog at .