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4 new updates in Power Query

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Another month is almost over and that means that a new Power Query update is due. We’re glad to announce the availability of the September 2014 Power Query update. Here is what is new:

Download the Power Query Update

Update summary

Improved “Data Source Settings” Dialog

Improved “Insert Index Column” transformation

Additional options in Query Navigator in the Editor (reorder, delete, group)

Option to disable Power Query Update notifications


Update Summary

The following features have been added or improved in this update:

  1. Improved “Data Source Settings” dialog
  2. Improved “Insert Index Column” transformation
  3. Additional options in Query Navigator in the Editor (reorder, delete, group)
  4. Option to disable Power Query Update notifications


You can watch the following video or continue reading this blog post for more details about each feature.

Improved “Data Source Settings” dialog

With this update, we’re significantly improving the usability of the Data Source Settings dialog and addressing many of the functional gaps that it previously had.

This dialog now allows users to:

  • Sort data sources by name/path or data source type.
  • Search within the list of data sources.
  • Select multiple items and delete them, or edit the Privacy Level for all of them at once.

In addition to improving the initial dialog, we have also made the Edit dialog for each data source much more capable so that users can perform the following tasks:

  • Edit or delete stored credentials.
  • Control whether Power Query should encrypt connections to this data source or not.
  • Modify (or even set for the first time) the Privacy Level for the source.
  • For database sources, know whether any Native Query has been approved or not, and revoke all approvals.

Improved “Insert Index Column” transformation


We have added UX support for customizing new Index Columns in your queries. Before this update, the “Insert Index Column” option in the “Add Column” tab would always create a new index starting from 0. With this update, we’re adding the option to create a new index column starting from 1 or even to customize the starting value and row increment for the index.

Additional options in Query Navigator inside the Editor


In last month’s update, we added a Query Navigator inside the Query Editor to let users switch between queries without having to close and reopen the Query Editor. In this update, we’re extending the capabilities available within this Query Navigator to also let users reorder queries within the list, delete queries or create and manage their query groups.

Option to disable Power Query Update notifications


While we want everyone to be aware of and install new Power Query updates every month, we also understand that some folks may not want to be reminded with a system tray notification every time that a new update is available. We have added in this update an option to disable these notifications in the Options dialog. This option can be also specified as an installer command line argument: PowerQuery.msi DISABLE_UPDATE_NOTIFICATION=1


That’s all for this update… We hope that you enjoy these features and continue sending us your valuable feedback and suggestions, so that we can continue improving Power Query with every new update.

Download Power Query from our official download page.