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Page view for Paginated Reports now available in Power BI

Headshot of article author Christopher Finlan

full view of report using new page view option

We are pleased to announce the new page view option for Paginated Reports is now available in the Power BI service. One of the pieces of feedback we’ve received is customers wanted their paginated reports to feel more like a page when viewing it in a browser. With the new page view option, users can do just that while retaining the ability to change parameters, click on links in the reports, etc. 
To use the new page view option, you’ll use the new view menu that appears in your toolbar when viewing a paginated report. You can change from the default layout to the new page view option by selecting it in the view menu.


page view menu dropdown for paginated reports


Once that happens, your report will change and be displayed as a page in the browser using the browser’s native PDF rendering capability. The report will be displayed based on the report size settings the report author selected. If you wish to change to a different layout to view the report in, you may do so from the view menu by using the page settings options.


page settings view


For more information on this new feature, be sure to review the online documentation.


We’re excited to hear your feedback on this new capability, including any feedback you might have around whether you’d like to see this as the default view for paginated reports for the service in the future.  Thanks for reading!