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Visual Awesomeness Unlocked – The Scroller Visual

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

By Amir Netz – Technical Fellow and Fredrik Hedenström- Visual Genius

Today I have the great pleasure introducing another great visual from the master – Fredrik Hedenström.

Those of you with a better-than-a-cat memory may remember Fredrick’s three submissions to the Power BI Custom Visual contest in September where won the overall second prize for his KPI indicators.

Fredrik’s new creation is the Scroller visual and with his usual attention to detail and great visual design he produced another clear winner.

The Scroller visual makes it possible to create an animating scrolling text from your measures and dimensions. It will be especially useful when displaying a dashboard on a large screen in a reception, on a production floor or something similar. Since it is constantly moving it will catch the viewers eye and make existing reports come more to life. You can also write your own custom text to use it to display a message or instruction. Various settings make it possible to control speed, size, status indications, coloring, etc.

As usual – you can find the new visual in the Power BI Visuals Gallery.

In the video below hear Fredrik showing off his new creation. The choice of background music (ancient 15th century Swedish music) was completely his and I wash my hands off it.


Ok – the part about the 15th century Swedish music is not true. Everything else is.