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[Webinar 07/26] Using Power BI with Machine Learning by David Brown

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This week we're talking about the "real world" with some concrete examples of Power BI being put to work today in modern businesses and organizations.

Using Power BI with Machine Learning by David Brown

In this webinar, active local Seattle Power BI User Group leader David Brown will show us how Predictive Analytics is being used in a large consumer goods company and a school district, combining the simple, scalable, cutting-edge power of Azure Machine Learning with the simple, usable, interface of Power BI to drive organizational improvements. ARCA Continental expects to see an 8% sales lift through their use of Power BI, and Cleveland Metro School District expects to see a substantive reduction in dropouts and improvement in grades.

We’ll be exploring the examples these customers have shared, the process Neal Analytics used to build these dashboards, and how adoption was driven for the solution that’s leading to the positive results for these two customers.

July 26, 2016 at 10 a.m. PT
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About David Brown

Dylan Dias

Through his experience with start-ups and with building solutions for Microsoft Consulting Services, David Brown brings expertise in architecting and planning Business Intelligence, predictive analytics, and data warehousing solutions. He has worked in the Managed Partner reporting space within EPG and SMS&P, creating tools to maximize Microsoft and Partner revenue. After gaining extensive experience with Business Intelligence there, David moved to Microsoft Consulting Services where he worked with the Premier Mission Critical offerings team designing Microsoft’s highest level of support solutions. David’s background with Microsoft and his start-up mentality allow him to present the highest quality solutions utilizing Microsoft products and partnerships.

About Neal Analytics

Neal Analytics is Microsoft's premier Azure Machine Learning partner, and a data consulting firm with a management consulting approach. We were founded in 2011 out of The Arnold Group, a prominent Management Consulting Firm in the Seattle area, to resolve the need to back consultative findings with analytics.