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Power BI Service and Mobile June Feature Summary

Headshot of article author Nikhil Gaekwad

The month of June flew by quickly for Power BI. With summer in the air and MBAS just around the corner, we were laser focused on planning another unforgettable conference for you in Seattle! At the same time, there were aa couple of new features and improvements we added to the Service and Mobile. Here’s a quick recap:

Sharing reports with filters and slicers

Earlier this year, we made it easier for you to collaborate with teams and partners by announcing report sharing and in the Power BI Service. Now, we’ve super charged this experience by allowing you to share reports with filters and slicers applied! Yes, that’s right – you no longer have to take a screenshot or explain the steps you took to configure the report to your desired view; all you have to do is make sure “Share with current filters and slicers” checkbox is selected in the Share pane before you share.


Note: You will only see this option if you have made changes to the published filters or slicers on the report.

Once your report has been shared successfully, your recipient will receive an email that contains an URL to the report. Clicking on the URL will take them to the report and automatically apply all the filters and slicers that were shared by you. The best part is that your recipient can bookmark this URL in the browser to retain your filter and/or slicer context for future use. It’s that simple. If you haven’t tried it already, what are you waiting for? Share away!

Please note that the feature is currently disabled for reports with custom visuals. Hang tight, we are working on enabling this very soon.

Effortlessly set up datasets in Power BI

We also revamped the user experience for gateway connections in Power BI made it easy for you to set up datasets. The new interface guides you through multiple configurations that fits best with your solution. Learn more

June update for On-premises gateway

As always, we released an updated version of Power BI On-premises data gateway for the month of June. The latest version matches the June update for Desktop and ensures compatibility with the latest June update for Desktop. Check it out by installing the new gateway.

Updated report canvas on Mobile

The Power BI report canvas on Mobile to be bigger and better. Literally. We have updated the screen size to be larger, giving you more real estate for visuals on the report. In addition, the top and bottom action bars are hidden after report load, allowing you to view more of the report at once.