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Power BI publish to web helps nonprofits do more good

It’s been just over a year since we launched Power BI publish to web, and in that time, it’s become an important tool for bloggers, journalists, newspaper columnists, and authors who want to tell stories and share data insights online. But that’s not all! The publish to web feature has been widely adopted by businesses, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations, the latter in ways that might just help make the world a better place. Publish to web has already established itself as a great way to make data journalism even easier, but it also has found plenty of application in the nonprofit sector. These organizations are increasingly looking to leverage their data in cost-effective ways and drive real-time decision making. And nonprofits, perhaps more than other organizations, require easy, impactful ways to demonstrate issues and rally support from their constituents. Learn more about how these organizations are using Power BI.

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