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Power BI publish to web helps nonprofits do more good

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

It’s been just over a year since we launched Power BI publish to web, and in that time, it’s become an important tool for bloggers, journalists, newspaper columnists, and authors who want to tell stories and share data insights online. But that’s not all! The publish to web feature has been widely adopted by businesses, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations, the latter in ways that might just help make the world a better place.

Power BI publish to web was designed to let you create data stories with amazing interactive visualizations, and publish them to your website in minutes. You can craft your story easily, selecting data from hundreds of sources, and create compelling visuals using our drag-and-drop authoring tools. Publish your story with just a few clicks, and embed it in your blog or on your website with unlimited views. You can update your visuals any time you like, or un-share them in literally seconds.

Publish to web has already established itself as a great way to make data journalism even easier, but it also has found plenty of application in the nonprofit sector. These organizations are increasingly looking to leverage their data in cost-effective ways and drive real-time decision making. And nonprofits, perhaps more than other organizations, require easy, impactful ways to demonstrate issues and rally support from their constituents.  

One example of a nonprofit organization making the most of publish to web is WaterAid, an international organization established to help provide people around the world with clean water, safe sanitation, and hygiene education. Microsoft Power BI has helped WaterAid monitor data from different geographies, and provides interactive visuals and friendly tools to transform and analyze key data points. With Power BI publish to web capability, WaterAid can easily communicate important analytical data with multiple audiences. See this report.


Another nonprofit organization that is putting publish to web to work is Pact, a group that works on developing an integrated, adaptive approach to development and ending poverty and marginalization. Power BI provides Pact with an interactive visualization tool that has helped the organization to more simply and powerfully showcase the impact of its work. Power BI allows Pact's staff, donors, and partners to access information quickly, see results across countries and sectors, and track trends over time. See this report.

Christian Loucq, Pact’s Chief Global Engagement and Strategy Officer, said of the publish to web technology that, “[Power BI] lets us deliver the highest quality service to our partners and beneficiaries in the field and around the world. We are excited to use Power BI to not only make our data more accessible and our reports more meaningful but to help foster a culture of learning among our staff and constituents.”


Another nonprofit, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), has also discovered and leveraged Power BI publish to web to drive progress. With more than 70 years of experience supporting humanitarian causes, CRS has created and published a data dashboard visualization that summarizes results of the work done by community health workers in reducing maternal and new born deaths in select districts of Uttar Pradesh, India. This allows project supervisors and government health professionals to monitor activities in even the most remote areas and provide timely, effective guidance. See this report.


You can learn more about other nonprofit partners, and how Power BI and publish to web can impact your own business or organization, on our publish to web page.