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Blue Margin used Power BI to help a construction company make better contracting, forecasting, and resource-allocation decisions across multiple offices in the Northeast.

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Titan Construction is a large construction firm with several offices in the Northeastern United States. Titan works with 3 different property types – residential, commercial, and industrial. Blue Margin helped Titan gain better insights into their contracting, forecasting, and workforce management levels.


Project Managers at Titan Construction had a difficult time predicting how many new contracts they could expect, and how many active projects over the proceeding 90 days. As a result, their workforce levels were not always optimized to the amount of work they’d committed to.

Project managers captured data in tabular format, making it difficult to parse out and decipher meaning from the data. Each project manager was responsible for 6 different Excel worksheets with 15,000 rows of data each.

To gain meaningful insights, Project Managers would have to analyze these spreadsheets and ask questions, such as:

• Which commercial contracts earn below-average revenue?

• What are the most lucrative projects by region, according to season?

• Do the number of employees on staff accurately reflect the project demand?

In addition, Titan realized they would benefit from real-time information to make contracting decisions based on their workforce numbers and seasonal trends. They also wanted to investigate bigger questions like, “Which region has a robust economy and is ripe for future development?”. Or, “Which office is most profitable, what types of jobs are they predominantly selling?”


Titan Construction asked Blue Margin to help track the types of contracts they bid, how well they execute on each contract, and how the work is distributed by location. Using Power BI, Blue Margin rationalized three years’ worth of data. Now, Project Managers can see near real-time data, have a clearer picture of their monthly projections, and can see trends by area, timeframe, job type, and project manager.

Now, Project Managers at Titan can easily:

• Determine the contract breakdown by percentage, down to the office level, allowing them to determine whether to decline certain contracts, or pursue more.

• See trend lines for executed contracts by month.

• Determine average monthly workforce levels by industrial and residential project types.

Thousands of rows of spreadsheet data and as many headaches behind them, Titan is now able to make these and many more meaningful insights.


Using Power BI, Blue Margin transformed Titan Construction’s data into a strategic asset, empowering Project Mangers to make informed decisions about contracting and workforce levels.

Gaining actionable, new insights from once stale data shows just one of the high-impact values of Power BI.

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