TrueCue (a division of Concentra Analytics) - People Analytics

Our integrated People Analytics solution, developed for Power BI, enables senior management and HR professionals to answer questions quicker, and make more effective data-driven workforce decisions.

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The Solution
The People Analytics solution provides standardised operational dashboards and curated data sources for ad-hoc analysis, which helps senior management and HR professionals to answer questions quicker and make informed data-driven decisions about their workforce.

The solution is built by first defining business requirements and questions which inform the data requirements and data model. 
At the heart of the solution is a dimensional data model designed to maintain business focus and built for performance.

Governed data views are then created on top of the data model to act as the single source of truth for reporting and analytics.
The end-product being our dashboards, which employ visual analytics best practices with reports that are as beautiful as they are insightful.

The Business Challenge
40% of HR professionals say they don’t have access to people data and analytics, with this lack of democratised access to people data and reporting limiting their data-driven decision making.

Questions which our People Analytics solution will help you to answer include:

Org Effectiveness
What is the current position and employee headcount and how has it changed over time?
What is the Theoretical Employment Cost?
Are teams adhering to organisation design principles?
What is the correlation between performance / talent metrics?
How do we compare in relation to external benchmarks on org effectiveness metrics?

Talent Acquisition
Where are we successful in recruitment and what are the areas of improvement?
How effective is social media for recruitment?
How are we performing against our recruitment SLAs?
Do we have a good talent pipeline? (especially for critical roles?) 

Learning & Development
How are our L&D programs performing?
What is our L&D spend and is it translating to increased performance? What is the ROI?
Where could training investments be made to improve productivity and profitability?

Talent Management
Who are our future leaders? How are they progressing in their career?
How successful are new hires?
Are we able to retain our top talent?
What is the correlation between employee engagement, retention and performance?
How effective is talent progression?
Is our succession plan robust?

Target Audience
Head of HR, Senior Management looking to improve overall company performance through a better managed workforce. 

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