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Announcing new certification capabilities for dataflows

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Organizations are increasingly seeking to build a data culture so they can leverage insights, every day, at all levels of their organizations, and across users with a variety of analytical skillsets.

A key enabler for such a data culture is the pervasive availability of standard, authoritative dataflows that represent single sources of truth, allowing users to make decisions based on trusted data and to remix to create new insights – all with unified governance.

To encourage the use of standardized dataflows, Power BI now provides two ways you can increase the visibility of your valuable, high-quality dataflows: promotion and certification. These new capabilities join the currently existing dataset certification capabilities as ways you can help users find and identify trusted, quality sources for reuse.

Certification – Certification is a way to tell users that the organization regards the dataflow as trustworthy and encourages its reuse. Power BI admins can mark dataflows as certified when they are judged to be authoritative. They can also define a list of users and/or groups who are authorized to certify dataflows.

Promotion – Promotion tells users that a dataflow owner regards a dataflow as good enough to be shared and used throughout the organization. Dataflow owners can promote dataflows that they feel are valuable, high quality, and ready for further exploration and reuse by others.

Certified and promoted dataflows are marked with a badge at many places in Power BI and are highly visible and easy to identify.

They can easily be identified in Power Query platform as well

This capability in Power BI is called Endorsement.

Any user with write access permissions on a dataflow can now promote that dataflow, using the settings of the specific dataflow to get to the Endorsement dialog.

To certify a dataflow, an authorized certifier just has to go, via the dataflow settings, to the Endorsement dialog, and there choose Certified.

Note: To use certification, the Power BI tenant admin must first enable certification in the certification section of the Admin portal tenant settings.

Learn more

  • Check out the documentation for more detail about certified dataflows