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Narrative Science for Power BI driving customer success

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Today we are thrilled to share with you an update on our collaboration with Narrative Science and how it is changing the way users glean insights from their data. Our partnership has evolved since we announced Narratives for Power BI in April 2016, and as Narrative Science gets ready to release their on-premises offering for Power BI, we wanted to recap our journey and tell you more about how our customers are leveraging this collaboration to make BI easier and intuitive for their users.

The collaboration leverages Narrative Science’s industry leading Quill™ platform, an intelligent system that analyzes data from disparate sources, understands what is interesting and important to the end user and then automatically generates perfectly written narratives for any intended audience, at unlimited scale.

Visualizations and narratives: a complementary relationship

This powerful combination of rich visualizations and narratives not only enhances and amplifies the user experience for Power BI customers but also further drives the democratization of information, where users don’t need to interpret data and visualizations. They simply need to read and share their insights, making data even easier to understand across the organization.

A mission-aligned partnership

Both Narrative Science and Microsoft Power BI aim to make data come to life through rich visuals and interactive narratives. The two teams first met in March 2016 to discuss a potential partnership and how NLG-powered storytelling could enhance Microsoft Power BI’s capabilities. It was important that the partnership enhanced offerings from both companies and that the narratives added to the end user’s ability to consume data and share insights.

Narrative Science ultimately selected Microsoft as its technology partner based on:

  • Alignment of mission
  • Strength of Power BI as a self-service analytics tool
  • Compatibility with Power BI’s custom visualization gallery
  • Ability to build a product that would provide a seamless experience for the end user
  • Strong working relationship between the two developer teams

Helping accountants leverage Big Data

The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is a professional organization comprised of over 115,000 chartered accountants. The association helps its members leverage Big Data and tools such as Power BI to go beyond simply accounting and financial information — by finding and connecting business insights from data to business processes and applications.

“Narratives for Power BI accelerates this data discovery process by helping users identify those hidden insights immediately, while ensuring accuracy and a natural language data story output, thereby making everyone more efficient and productive in their everyday roles.”

Dr. Suresh Sood, Data Scientist, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Try Narratives for Power BI yourself!

Join other Microsoft Power BI users who are making smarter business decisions. To try Narratives for Power BI for free, visit to download the extension. Stay tuned for the public release of an on-premises offering.