When we initially rolled out the preview for the Power BI Embedded service, it was only available in one Azure datacenter: “South Central United States”. Today, we are pleased to announce that Power BI Embedded Preview is now available in all of the following datacenters:

  • Australia South East

  • Brazil South

  • North Europe

  • South Central US

  • Southeast Asia

  • East US 2

  • North Central US

  • West Europe

  • West US

Selecting a datacenter will determine from where your Power BI content is stored and served. It is best practice to select a datacenter that is located geographically close to both your end users and your data to ensure the best performance. You can choose which datacenter to use when creating a workspace collection by selecting the desired datacenter from the locations dropdown:

For more information on Power BI please visit http://dev.powerbi.com or get started at https://azure.microsoft.com/services/power-bi-embedded/.