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Power BI Embedded capacity-based SKUs coming to Azure

Power BI Embedded is intended to simplify how ISVs and developers use Power BI capabilities, helping them quickly add stunning visuals, reports and dashboards into their apps – in the same way apps built on Azure leverage services like Machine Learning and IoT. By enabling easy-to-navigate data exploration in their apps, ISVs allow their customers to make quick, informed decisions in context.

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Embed Dashboards in Your Applications to Monitor Your Business in Context

Power BI dashboards are optimized to monitor the status of your business at a glance. Business applications are optimized to manage your business. Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor your business in the right context of a business application and, for example, see your customer profitability analysis from within your CRM application? You can do that! We have recently enabled embedding Power BI dashboards into your business applications, allowing you to stay focused on your work while still monitoring familiar Power BI dashboards.

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ZynBit Empowers Sales with Microsoft Power BI Embedded

Enrique Plaza Garcia, Product Marketing Manager of Microsoft Power BI Embedded, recently had a chance to catch up with Phil Dixon, CEO of ZynBit, to hear more about ZynBit’s innovative product and how they’ve incorporated Power BI Embedded into their offering to drive value to their customers and increase monetization opportunities for sales and marketing teams. Let’s take a look at how this successful start-up has leveraged Power BI Embedded.

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