Brickclay - Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is the most integral part of any business when it comes to run business functions smoothly. When a corporation grows, managing overall business affairs, processes and critical path becomes more crucial and it is tough to keep an eye on outstanding Invoices, Credits Aging, Receivable Trends and breakdown at a Region, State, Division, Branch, Customers and Recovery Manager Levels.

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Legitimate decisions at right time turns a corporate more successful as they come from data truths. It could happen once we obtain accurate information at right time.

Brickclay’s Accounts Receivable solution empowers businesses to perform 360 degree analysis capability on their receivables at the distance of few clicks to identify areas that needs to be taken care e.g; Region, Division, State, Branch, Customers, Recovery Managers, and Industries.

Executives and Managers expect to get answers about outstanding receivables when they think about Accounts Receivable, there are following potential questions for which they seek answers:

1.     What’s the Age of outstanding receivables?

2.     How’s receivables are broken up in terms of Customers, Recovery Mangers, Region, Divisions, Branches?

3.     Which Region, Division, State or Branch has more receivables?

4.     If a Region \ Division \ State \ Branch \ Recovery Manger is not performing well to get outstanding invoices then what are the main contributors?

5.     Which Recovery Managers have more outstanding invoices?

6.     Which are the customers who did not cleared invoices within three months and going to probably going to be bad debt?

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