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ADN : Africa Digital Native

ADN a Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solution provider and consulting firm based in Dakar and Paris.
In addition of providing consulting services, ADN is developing Banking analytics solution to empowering Banks and Financial Institutions with analytics for increased results, better profitability and better knowledge of customers and products

ADN BBA solution ( Business Banking Analytics) help marketing and sales managers in Banks and Financial Institutions with Big Data Analytics  to : 
  • Increased results
  • Improve customer knowledge
  • Lower churn 
  • and lower dormant bank accounts

Banks in Africa don't have accurate  and automated dashboards, and KPIs to improve and optimize decisions and performance (Lack of customer knowledge / segmentation, Low products penetration...),  
With BBA Solution banks wiil be able to :
  • Cstomize their products and services in ways that meet needs, solve problems, and promote customer retention and loyalty
  • create more effective cross-sell and up-sell campaigns
  • Choose the best channel to communicate

ADN's BBA Solution gives banks informations on their most profitable customers, products ans sales departement.

For example, BBA Solution helps banks have a better understanding of customers’ needs and address them proactively.

In fact, financial services firms using Analytics solutions reported a 7% improvement in cross-sell and up-sell revenue

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