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MAQ Software

MAQ Software offers cost-effective Data Analytics, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Content and Collaboration, and Cloud-based solutions to multiple Fortune 500 companies. Our solutions use advanced features of data management, analytics, predictive machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, web, mobile, and cloud computing on leading platforms in the industry.

Our company closely aligns with Microsoft Corporation. We have been a Microsoft Preferred Supplier for over 17 years. We hold Gold competencies in Data Analytics, Data Platform and Application Development and are a Power BI preferred supplier.

Power BI Expertise

We are a Microsoft Preferred Supplier for Power BI. We have worked with Power BI since its inception.

  • Published more than 100+ Power BI solutions
  • Published 10+ custom visuals in the Power BI visual gallery
  • 100+ engineers certified in Power BI

Git repository: https://github.com/maqsoftware/PowerBI-visuals

Other Competencies

We work on a wide range of Microsoft technologies. Our experience has helped us tailor our processes and methodology to meet the needs of Microsoft groups effectively. Our clients choose to work with us because we complete work on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies and agile project management practices to deliver quality software at an affordable price.



Data Management, Business Intelligence & Analytics


Data Acquisition

Decision Making Capabilities

Data Modelling

Power BI Reporting

Predictive Analysis

Machine Learning Models

ROI Analysis

Operational Metrics

Business Performance and Evaluation

Define Business Models

Application & Product Sustained Engineering/Maintenance

Application Support


Planned and Managed Services

Build Recommendation/ Plan and Present Findings

Operational Excellence

Product Performance


Application & Product Technical Support

Technical Support

User Support

Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis

Application Development

Custom Application Development

Technical Solution Development

Business Intelligence

Collaboration Solutions

Modern Apps/LOB Apps

IT Apps with Security Certification

Mobile App Development


Product Development

Persona Development

Agile Modelling

Marketing Collateral


Technical Project/Program Management

Technical Project Execution

Domain Expertise in Marketing, Sales and Partner

Consolidate Findings

Testing: Product & Application

End to End Functional Testing

Automated Coded UI

Test Communication

Zero Touch Deployment

Digital Marketing






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