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MOQdigital was established to deliver game-changing technological ingenuity and long-term partnership to organisations. We provide the solutions to harness digital technologies, both to deliver a superior customer experience and to drive productivity. MOQdigital gives businesses the agility to stay competitive and grow market share.  

We have invested heavily in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to assist our clients to evolve and as the pace of change accelerates, we bring new opportunities to companies that can change fast enough. 

MOQdigital bridges the gap between vendor technologies and what customers need as they wrestle with the challenges of integration. Integrating digital technologies with people and business to disrupt the way things are done now, makes way for new ways of thinking. 

Why MOQdigital? 

Our Attitude – Our philosophy is simple, if we continue to exceed our customer’s expectations, they will continue to do business with us. We’re in business to serve our customers.  

Our Staff – Our business genuinely cares and takes care of our staff.  Our team boasts some of the best qualified consultants and engineers in their particular fields of expertise.  We are just as particular about attitude as we are about skills, ensuring that we have staff who are passionate about technology, who take pride in the work they do, and who know how to interact with other people. 

Our Client Engagement Model – Our ‘services’ focused approach ensures we offer our customers the right solutions and not a product catalogue, as you will see in our Scope of Services description.  As a result, MOQdigital staff provide a complementary and supplementary asset to our clients - effectively working for them, not just with them. 

Our Technology Vendor Partnerships – As technology vendor ‘channel’ models mature, vendors are more and more geared towards ‘services focused’ partners - partners who truly understand the products & services being offered by the vendor. As a result, partners such as ourselves can bring their clients all the benefits of being a partner for the vendor, without the compromising position of recommending a product to meet financial product goals for the vendor. We work for our clients and not the vendors. 

Our Clients – We provide our services to a measured number of key clients and focus on building long term relationships with those clients ensuring our continual involvement through generational ICT change cycles. 

Our Business Model – We do not cut corners on our staff, their personal growth, or creating the right environment for our staff to ensure they can deliver for our clients. Our Staff make our business and help create the right culture. 

Our Ability to Create – With skills and expertise across data, applications and systems, we’re in a unique position to be able to create solutions that integrate components from some or all areas – to deliver more from technology. 

Our Focus – We are focused on providing great customer service across a select range of services and solutions. We don’t boast to be able to do all things IT, instead we’re focused on providing a range of services and solutions that we specialise in and are able to provide value. 

Our Company Values – We have built a culture on a core set of values which reflect our people. 

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