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Announcing Query Caching in Power BI Premium

Headshot of article author Bhavik Merchant

Today we are pleased to announce Query Caching for Power BI Premium, which speeds up content loading by caching previously-used query results. The setting is applied at the dataset level so any reports using this dataset can benefit from the cache. This feature is not applicable to LiveConnect datasets leveraging Azure Analysis Services or SQL Server Analysis Services.

Query caching instructs the Premium capacity to use its local caching service to maintain query results, avoiding having the underlying data source compute those results. Cached query results are specific to user and report context and always respect security rules. The cache will also reflect personal bookmarks and persistent filters. At present the service only does query caching for the initial page that you land on. In other words, queries aren’t cached when you interact with the report. Dashboard tiles that are powered by the same queries also benefit once the query is cached. Performance especially benefits when a dataset is accessed frequently and doesn’t need to be refreshed often. Query caching can also reduce load on your Premium capacity by reducing the overall number of queries.


Query Caching Setting

You can control query caching behavior on the dataset settings page in the Power BI service.


The settings are:

  • Capacity Default: The dataset inherits the setting from the Premium capacity. The capacity default can be controlled by the Power BI Premium capacity administrator. This setting will be added in the near future.
  • Off: Don’t use query caching for this dataset.
  • On: Use query caching for this dataset.


Further Information

Learn more about query caching. A related topic is Scheduled Cache Refresh.