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Announcing the Accounts Receivable Solution Template for SAP

Today we’re announcing the SAP Accounts Receivable solution template. The SAP Accounts Receivable solution template provides an end to end solution that contains AR data and reports sourced from your SAP system. This template includes four reports designed for a financial comptroller or other similar financial manager that needs to constantly be aware of their AR situation and provides powerful insights into accounts receivable by customer, document, and age.


See our solution templates page to install, and see a sample report and a short video.

Like all other solution templates, this can be implemented very simply and quickly in just a few clicks. Once installed, an agent collects accounts receivable data from SAP and populates an on-premise SQL Server database or SQL Azure DB to source the Power BI reports. You can read the detailed documentation for additional information.

We’ve partnered with Simplement for this solution template. Enjoy a trial experience for the first month after which you can register with Simplement for full license.