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Enhanced experience for browsing visuals

Headshot of article author Ranin Salameh

For the best storytelling you need great visuals to create reports that tell compelling stories. In Power BI there are hundreds of available visuals to help you tell your data story. The full library of Power BI visuals created by Microsoft or partners, can be accessed through AppSource, either from the web page or through Power BI.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a new look for the Power BI in-product store coming with August desktop release!  In the store you can browse all the visuals authorized by your organization.

What visuals can you find in the store?

  • AppSource visuals: more than 300 stunning visuals created by Microsoft or partners.
  • Organizational visuals: private or AppSource visuals managed by your Power BI admin.
  • A unified view (“All visuals”) where you get access to all visuals available in your organization in one page. 

Note that you will see in the new in-product store all the visuals that are allowed by your Power BI admin and are fully deployed in the production environment. You can always browse the full list at

Want to see just visuals managed by your admin or AppSource visuals?
No worries! You can filter by the organizational visuals or the AppSource visuals tabs at the top.


AppSource visuals are marked with a blue shopping-cart icon. Hovering over a visual expands the description of the visual. We’ve made sure to surface editor’s picks first.

Editor’s picks are marked with a special icon. These visuals are picked by our team every month based on several criteria such as visual quality, innovation, and user experience.

What else do you get in the new experience?

  • Filter by menu: Find the best visual that meets your needs by filtering by a category. Today we have 8 different categories categorizing the visuals based on the publisher selection.

  • Improved search bar: We’ve also improved the search so that you can go deeper. You can now search by publisher name or by visual name to find what you need faster.

  • Sort by menu: We enhanced the sort by menu to allow you to sort on the visuals according to your preferences.

How to get a visual from the in-product store?
To download any visual to your report simply select the visual card and click “Get it now” from the visual page.

If you would like to add a visual to your gallery so it will show up next to the default visuals in all reports, simply right click the visual and pin it to your visualization pane. Next time you create a new report or edit an existing report, the visual icon will show up next to the default visuals.

To remove any visual from your visualization pane. Right click the icon and unpin it.

You can also remove the visual from the report by clicking the “…” menu and then clicking “Remove a visual”.

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