Course5 Intelligence Pvt. Ltd - Marketing and Campaign Performance Dashboard

Explore predictive and prescriptive analytics to measure and visualize your marketing potential. This dashboard helps to understand Marketing ,Campaign, Digital and Channel Performances.

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Marketing & Campaign Management Problem Statement

The marketing function comprises of complex activities viz. understand the target audience, decide the campaign structure and hierarchy, finalize expenses, ensure healthy conversion of opportunities, execute campaigns with multiple strategies etc. Our solution helps solve key problems for the marketing function with the following elements:

One Stop Reporting Tool: Help different personas from the CMO to an Analyst to summarize, understand, analyze performance and assist decision making by visualizing insights under one platform. This helps in eliminating an ‘alt-tab’ environment of multiple systems where executives, marketers, campaigners and analysts are inundated with data from multiple dashboards and disparate systems.

On the go Comparison: Ability to drilldown key metrics by a range of dimensional breakdowns to analyze the data on the go, use the performance comparison feature and override limitations of traditional charts.

Plan for the future: Analyze marketing and campaign execution journey viz. budgeting, campaign designing, execution systems, campaign performance, opportunity generation and user behavior, thus understand current performance and utilize insights to plan for upcoming quarters.

Solution to Problem Statement

Planned vs Actual: Helps compare where you actually stand vis-à-vis what you planned the prior quarter/year. Our solution helps to know how you are spending v/s the budget allocated, and if the planned budget is underspent or overspent thus assisting planning for upcoming quarters.

Opportunities generated: Opportunities generated helps understand the outcomes of initiatives and campaigns, measuring campaign performance and whether objectives are met, or otherwise.

Campaign Hierarchy Performance: Helps in understanding initiatives that are outcome driven and with the highest conversion rate.

Performance Comparison: A dashboard that helps users to stay updated of business performance. Performance comparison helps achieve the feasibility to drill any important metric and its breakdown to understand the root cause of an anomaly.

Key Features

Optimization: The dashboard is optimized by incorporating DAX best practices and has efficient query load time.
Infographic: Usage of infographic elements to make the dashboard highly visual and interesting.
Personas: One stop for entire marketing vertical from C-suite to analysts, to stay updated about their performance.
Performance Comparison: Ability to breakdown any metric by any dimensions to analyze the data on the go
Campaign Story: Designed in a way to help users, drilldown through multiple levels of campaign hierarchies thus building a story.
Performance Commentary: Highlights of performance in textual sentences that is easy to understand and helps summarize business performance.


Migration from legacy tools (excel) to near-real time dashboards: Most marketers & campaigners use excel sheets to clean data for visualization. This usually takes up between 25% to 50% of their available bandwidth. Our solution has helps bring efficiencies in time by ~35% on an average.

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