ENCAMINA S.L. - TeamsPower: A Power BI report showing the status of Digital Transformation and Microsoft 365 Adoption of your company

What is TeamsPower? This report discusses which, how, and how much is used in your organization M365 tools. As a result, it provides an analysis of the company's Digital Transformation level. It offers to the user a traffic light-style view, that places the company on one level, or another based on configurable thresholds. If the company is above the set threshold, the indicator will have a green colour, if it is in the mean, yellow, and if it is below, red.

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What does TeamsPower bring?

TeamsPower lets you know in detail which Microsoft 365 apps are used in your company, how and with what intensity.

In addition, it assesses the level of the digital transformation of the company at specific thresholds of the “Digital Maturity Scenario” set up in TeamsPower, this helps to know the transformation status of the company.

Key indicators analyzed in TeamsPower

To get the indicators, TeamsPower analyzes The use of Yammer (Y), Teams (T), Exchange (E), SharePoint (Sp), and OneDrive (O), The number of active users in the tenant & Microsoft 365 Applications usage.

TeamsPower analyzes three key indicators of Digital Transformation:

  • DIGITAL ADOPTION: It provides us with a detailed analysis of the use of Microsoft 365 applications.
  • DIGITAL INTENSITY: Indicates how much use is made of Microsoft365 applications, based on user activity.
  • DIGITAL MATURITY: Shows how Microsoft 365 apps are being used within the company.

Digital Adoption

Shows which tools users are using in your company, this indicator compares the activity of those active users versus the users enabled in the tenant for those products.

It indicates whether Microsoft365 applications are being used and provide information about how they are deployed.

Digital Intensity

Shows how much use is made of Microsoft365 applications,

It is represented in key figures, which measure the average of activities per employee and per product. For example, not sent/user emails, read/user messages, created, yammer/user likes, etc.

Indicates which is the level of use of Microsoft365 applications.

Digital Maturity

Indicates how the tools are being used in the company and how evolved they are. It provides a detailed analysis of some specific indicators by benchmarking different digital uses.

For example, you compare activities between apps: Teams messages vs sent emails, etc.

Configurable scenarios in TeamsPower

Specific settings for your company, regarding Digital Maturity

TeamsPower allows you to configure a series of parameters to suit your business perfectly.

The defined scenarios are related to the Digital Maturity level of the organization. These scenarios modify the target thresholds set in TeamsPower.

They differ in 3 levels:

  • Level 1: Low maturity
  • Level 2: Average maturity
  • Level 3: High maturity

Scenarios are related to the Organization's Digital Maturity level. It's important to select a level appropriate to your organization.

Depending on the Digital Maturity level selected when installing the application, some thresholds will apply or others. The traffic light indicator depends on this value.

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