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Announcing the Power BI Usage Metrics Solution Template

Today, we want to highlight one of the newest solution templates available on AppSource, the new Power BI Usage Metrics Solution Template, built by our partner Neal Analytics.  It provides a comprehensive view of user activity across your entire Power BI tenant.  In addition to providing a detailed view of who’s creating, viewing, sharing or deleting content across all the workspaces in your organization, it also contains more detailed information around additional items like which items in your tenant are using premium capacity, what are the gateway names and types currently deployed, and the data refresh schedules currently setup for your reports and datasets.  It’s an invaluable new way for Power BI administrators to monitor and identify adoption and usage of Power BI throughout their organization.



To set up this solution template you will need the following:

When deployed, the solution template takes advantage of the Office 365 Management API to access the audit logs for your Power BI tenant.  It’ll fully automate the entire data extraction and transformation for you and store that data in a Azure SQL database, which gets updated every few hours going forward, depending on the update frequency you select.   

Try it out & let us know

If you’d like to learn more about the Power BI Usage Metrics solution template, Adam Saxton has put together a new YouTube video that provides more details and a hands-on look at the solution.  Once you’re ready to get started, you can follow this link to go directly to setup page for the solution.  We’re excited to have you get started using this solution template from the folks at Neal Analytics. The team is always interested in any thoughts or feedback – you can reach us through our alias ( or by leaving a comment on the Power BI Solution Template Community page.