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New APIs available for custom visuals developers

Headshot of article author Tzvi Keisar

It has been a few months since we released the new developer tools and custom visuals APIs, and we are working to add more APIs to help you develop the best custom visuals possible. On that note, we are excited to announce that version 1.4 was just released, introducing localization support, so now custom visuals are aware of the locale, and can localize the content of the visual accordingly. See more details on GitHub

This update joins the previous release of version 1.3 (in November), which introduced the support for the much anticipated tooltips, as well as many utility libraries to help you develop custom visuals, such as:

You can also view the version history on our GitHub repository.

Don’t forget to check the custom visuals gallery for the latest awesome visuals, and all the other repositories of custom visuals like the developer SDK at PowerBI-visuals-tools, and code for the sample visual using the Visuals API at PowerBI-visuals-sampleBarChart.

If you have any issues with Power BI custom visuals or the command line tools please let us know through the following links: