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Power BI gateways – May Update

Headshot of article author Dimah Zaidalkilani

This release includes support for new data sources and an update to the UPN Mapping feature. Here’s a link to get the latest Enterprise gateway:


New data sources supported in this release:

  • Informix
  • IBM DB2 (Microsoft driver)

The Power BI Desktop May includes an improved DB2 connector that leverages the Microsoft driver for IBM2.

To start creating reports and dashboards using these connectors, make sure you have the latest Power BI Desktop release that was announced earlier today.

Update on UPN Mapping

In the gateway April release, we added UPN Mapping to support using Effective Username mapping. Now with the latest release, you can also use CustomData property to connect to your Analysis Services data sources. Learn more about this feature.

Road Map

In the next month we hope to release some of the substantial updates that we’ve been working on. Stay tuned!

That’s all the news for May. We hope that you find these features valuable and continue sending us feedback on how to make Power BI gateways even better. Please don’t forget to vote for other features that you would like to see in the future.

Also, feel free to send us your questions or feedback directly to and join the conversation at the Power BI Community.

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