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Power BI, Thank You For 5 Years, T-Shirt Give Away Results!

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Thank you or joining our online event last month where we thanked the Power BI Community for their dedication and amazing contributions over the last 5 years!  If you missed the event or want to experience it again click here for the recording.

As promised we have the results of the Thank You For 5 years, Data Stories Gallery Contributions T-Shirt Giveaway!  Drumroll please…

We have great news! Congratulations to those who contributed to the Power BI Community by posting a Power BI report in the Power BI Anniversary data stories gallery, through the July 31st deadline. We appreciated your contributions to help us thank the Power BI community so much, that we decided to give away a T-shirt to each contributor!  We’ll be reaching out to you individually within the next few days, with instructions on how to get your T-shirt!

Wanted to call out a few of my favorites, and more importantly, ask that we all think about accessibility when planning color schemes for reports, as our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Note: the list below is no particular order

1.    Process Mining in Power BI 
2.   Bookmarks, Drill Through, Drill Down and Tooltips
3.   Data Storytelling with Power BI
4.   Power BI Releases by Year
5.   Belgian Railway Stations
6.   My Personal Finance Dashboard
7.    Paid Search
8.    Financial Historic in Brazil
9.    Appreciation
10.  My 4 Years with Power BI

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Kelly Kaye
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