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Building cross-platform solutions that connect to Power BI datasets

Headshot of article author Kay Unkroth

With XMLA endpoints available in Power BI Premium and the recent release of .NET Core versions of the Analysis Services client libraries (ADOMD.NET and AMO) in public preview, you can start building modern cross-platform Power BI solutions. You can leverage a single one-version-of-the-truth semantic model across Windows, Linux, and macOS, and cloud-oriented environments. For example, you can build a custom dataset deployment solution that uses a service principal to authenticate with Power BI and run it as an ASP.NET Core app in Azure App Service on Linux. Of course, you can also use Azure Functions v2, PowerShell Core, and other modern environments to connect to and manage your Power BI datasets.

The new NuGet packages for .NET Core are essentially equivalent to the existing ADOMD.NET and AMO client packages for the .NET Framework. This can help to make a migration of existing applications from the .NET Framework to .NET Core straightforward.

Note that the ADOMD.NET and AMO libraries target .NET Core 3.0 and above. As .NET Core evolves and adds more capabilities, the client libraries might target a higher version by the time they reach general availability (GA).

You can find the preview packages at via the below links, and we will continue to publish new preview versions on a regular basis. As always, your feedback is very much appreciated.