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Power BI Service and Mobile March Feature Summary

Headshot of article author Nikhil Gaekwad

March turned out to be another exciting and busy month for Power BI. We rolled out some highly anticipated features in the service and continued to make progress with many more that are set to release soon. Worried you missed something? Fear not! Here’s a recap of all the features and announcements we made last month:

Persistent filters in the service & mobile

We’ve now made it incredibly easier for report consumers to pick up right where left off in the Power BI service and mobile. All Power BI reports will now automatically retain the filters, slicers, and other data view changes made by the user. In the service, you will now see a new “Reset to default” button with a yellow icon in the top bar. This will light up whenever you make any changes to the report from the published version. The report state is captured after 60 seconds or immediately when you navigate away to another dashboard or report. Of course, you can use this button to revert to the published view at anytime. Note: Reports with custom visuals are not supported – for now. We are working with custom visual developers to enable these soon. Learn more


Organizational custom visuals GA

Since the release of the organization visuals preview last month, we’ve fixed many bugs and made improvements across the board. Admins can now update the package and its details (i.e. versions, etc.) for existing published custom visuals. Also, organization visuals are now supported in Publish to Web reports. We were so excited by these changes that organization visuals were made generally available, so you’ll also be able to import them directly from the service. Learn more


HITRUST CSF certification

At Power BI, we understand that organizations have a diverse set of compliance and regulatory requirements that need to be met concerning their data security and privacy. To add to our repertoire of 22 certifications and attestations and provide you with the reassurance, this month we announced that Power BI has now been certified under the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) 8.1 certification criteria. Learn more

Mixed reality app (Preview)

We teamed up with Microsoft Hololens to release a preview of the Power BI for Mixed Reality app. This app makes it easy to access your Power BI content while using HoloLens, allowing you to view and interact with report pages and dashboards on top of your real-world environment. Check it for yourself by downloading the app from the Microsoft Store or learn more from the announcement post.


March update for On-premises data gateway

As always, we rolled out a new update for the Power BI On-premises data gateway for the month of March. The update includes a latest version of the mashup engine and an update to make it easier for you to determine the release month of the installed gateway right next to the version. Try it out for yourself by installing the new gateway and continue to send us feedback on any new capabilities you’d like to see in the future.


B2B support on Mobile

Power BI mobile now supports your favorite B2B feature! That’s right – you can now share dashboards and reports with users external to the organization, on the go. External sharing in enabled for both organizational and social accounts.