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Advanced Analytics with Power BI Embedded and R

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Today we are announcing the  support for R visuals in Power BI Embedded. R visuals not only enhance Power BI Embedded with advanced analytics depth but also offers developers endless visualization flexibility. Check out our demo to see how the technology works!

How it works

Power BI Embedded is an Azure cloud service that allows ISVs and application developers to embed stunning and fully interactive visual analytics elements into applications. Embedding the data visualization within an app provides analytics in the right user context and with the right timing. On top of the modern reports and interactive visualization, you can now add advanced analytics R visuals such as business forecasts, clustering, and decision trees. You can see examples in the Power BI R showcase. The advanced analytics visuals are implemented by the R service as part of the Power BI Embedded Service.

Publishing Power BI Embedded reports with R visuals is like publishing other embedded reports, and requires the following steps :

1. Create a report using Power BI Desktop

Tips: download a report example with R visuals, learn how to author reports with R visuals

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2. Provision the report into Azure management portal (documentation)

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3. Embed the report into the application using the REST API and Javascript code

Tips: REST documentation , JS documentation


4. Let your users consume the embedded report and interact with it as part of your application.


Once the Power BI Embedded report is set and embedded in your application, users of the application can consume the R enhanced report. Consumption of the R enhanced embedded reports is included in the existing Power BI Embedded license and terms of use, with no change. The R enhanced reports are available to be consumed by the end users of the application and does not require knowledge of Power BI or R.

Give us feedback

Your feedback is critical! Send us email, and let us know what you think of this new feature.

Keep it embedded!