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Announcing the first Microsoft Data Insights Summit

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

by James Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Intelligence Products Group

2015 has been an amazing year for business analytics. From Power BI general availability to the launch of Excel 2016. Data is coming at us from every direction. From traditional sources – on-premises enterprise applications and databases. From sources developed over the last decade – websites, mobile applications, social media and SaaS business applications. And from sources still emerging – data from the “Internet of Things.”

But how do you make it meaningful? How do you stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further?

Microsoft Data Insights Summit is the place for business analysts and data professionals to get answers, explore tools, and talk shop with the experts. Let us help you bring your data to life.

This two-day event is designed for business analysts to connect with each other and with industry experts. We anticipate 1,000 business analysts will join us in Bellevue, WA March 22-23 to discover best practices, new tools, and new ways to get things done.

Connect with data people

Come with questions, and get your answers directly from the people who built the tools you use every day. Microsoft Data Insights Summit gives you access to our product teams, leading analysts, and hundreds of your peers to discover valuable new approaches and skills. Every attendee can schedule 1:1 meetings with our engineering teams to Ask the Experts for the specific answers you need to make better use of your technology and wrangle your data more efficiently.

Discover the next step of your data journey

Get product insights and hands-on training. We’ll cover all the favorites—including Power BI, Microsoft Excel, etc.—with in-depth talks, hands-on demos, workshops, and sessions to help you get up to speed on new features. Plus, you can test-drive the latest tech to really get a feel for its potential. You’ll walk away inspired and ready to apply your discoveries.

Make a difference

When you make better sense of your data, your insights can transform your business. Hear from peers and industry experts in data science and visual analytics about what questions they’re starting with, and how they’re creatively presenting their results. We’re expecting nearly 1,000 business analysts at the event, with multiple ways to help you connect and share experiences. Learn from each other’s stories, and see how they’re solving visualization and presentation challenges similar to your own.

Visit and register today.