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Best Report Contest Finalists Announced — Vote Now for the Winner!

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On January 7, 2016, we launched the Best Report Contest and asked our users to submit their best Power BI report. The entry period ended on January 29, 2016, and we narrowed it down to the top ten submissions. Now it’s up to YOU to pick the winner!

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What’s a Best Report?

For this contest we defined a “Best Power BI Desktop Report” as one that tells a story about data with originality and creativity, as well as displaying an effective use of Power BI.

How can I vote?

Visit the Best Report Contest Entries forum in the Power BI Community to view the finalists. (If you’re not yet a Community member, you'll have to make an account first in order to cast your vote.) You won’t need to open Power BI Desktop to view these reports — we’ve embedded them right into our Community forums using Power BI’s new publish to web feature.

You can check out each finalist’s Best Report and accompanying video, and click on the “thumbs up” kudos button at the bottom of a report to vote for it.

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The creator of the first place report will receive $5,000 from Microsoft! The creator of the second place report will win $2,500. Winners will be officially announced on our Community and here on the blog on February 17, 2016. All entries can be found in the community Power BI Showcase after the contest has closed.

Congratulations to our Finalists:

The Story of Dr Ignaz Semmelweis, by rquintino

This sample PowerBI workbook tells the real story of Dr Ignaz Semmelweis. Year is 1846, Dr Semmelweis begins his 3 year work at Vienna Hospital maternity clinic, and is immediately disturbed with the high incidence of puerperal fever (also known as "childbed fever") in Vienna Hospital, causing extremely high maternal mortality from 1823 to 1850.

Stephen Curry: A look at the intriguing numbers behind the MVP by SqlJason

Renowned for his shooting accuracy, pro basketball player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was named the NBA's Most Valuable Player in 2015. This contest entry tries to take a look at the numbers behind the man by analyzing what his shooting stats are, where does he make his shots from, how does he make those shots and when does he make those shots.

Stats of the Union, by GregBeaumont

This report visualizes data pertaining to the economic health and safety of the United States. Interactively visualize, analyze, and compare trends for measures such as Unemployment %, Stock Market Indexes, GDP, FEMA Disasters, and more.

What's in a Name?, by leonardmurphy

This report compares names in the USA vs. the UK, to see how trends differ between the two countries when it comes to naming babies. Find out which names are uniquely British and which names are more American.

Cultural Impact Across History, by deldersveld

Who has a more measurable impact on history–Michael Jackson or Aristotle? The Cultural Impact Across History report considers contribution to collective human history. It conveys individual and aggregate contribution by occupation, time, and geography.

M25 Road Traffic Accidents, by jamesdales

This is a Power BI report for exploring road traffic accidents on the M25 motorway around London in the UK. It's based on an Open Data dataset from the Department of Transport and covers accidents from 2012 to 2014.

2016 US Elections Campaign Analysis, by elsalvador182

Basically this report breaks down the campaign financing of the various potential 2016 US presidential candidates up til Sept 2015. It is a public dataset available on the US government website.

SolidQ Airline Performance, by paul_turley

Use data insights to minimize your airline delays. The SolidQ airline performance tracker visualizes the performance of major US airports and airlines. Choose the right airline with the least travel delays using comprehensive and interactive information.

Perfect Car, by aetern

This PowerBI report is a helping hand for people, who are thinking about buying a new car. Report represents the whole picture and trends of the automotive industry, which acts as a general guide for a person thinking of getting a new car.

Space Report by SQLBI, by danieleperilli

This infographic is an interactive guide to the journey of man outside planet Earth. The space exploration story as told by the numbers of space missions and compared with data of science fiction movies. The Power BI model collects data from several sources.

Don’t forget to visit the Entries forum and vote for your favorite before February 14, 2016!