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On-premises data gateway October update is now available

Headshot of article author Arthi Ramasubramanian Iyer

We are excited to announce that we have just released the October update for the On-premises data gateway. Here are some of the things that we would like to highlight with this month’s release:

  • Enhancements related to Custom Connectors
    • Support for Vertica and Web By Example connectors
    • OAuth Support for custom data connectors
  • Public preview of SAP HANA Single Sign-On (SAML) Support
  • Public preview of SAP BW Single Sign-On (Kerberos) Support
  • Improved Diagnostics
  • The on-premises data gateway now includes the October version of the mashup engine

You can download the October release (build number: 3000.0.144.3) from the link below.




Alternatively you can use the following links as well:

Note: The latest October build number is now 3000.0.144.3(was previously 3000.0.143.1). In this latest release, we fixed a bug which was causing some of the scheduled refreshes via the gateway to fail with a timeout error.


Please continue reading for more details about each enhancement.





Enhancements related to Custom Connectors

Data Connectors for Power BI enables users to connect to and access data from an application, service, or data source. For some time now, you have been able to develop custom connectors and use them in Power BI Desktop. You can find more details on how to develop and use custom data connectors here.

In July we announced that the on-premises data gateway supports custom data connectors. More information on how to enable custom connector on the gateway is available here. We are now announcing a few additional enhancements in this area:

  1. The On-premises data gateway now supports OAuth for custom data connectors
  2. The gateway now also supports Vertica and Web By Example connectors



Public preview of SAP HANA Single Sign-On (SAML) Support on the On-premises data gateway:

You have been able to use Single Sign-On, leveraging Kerberos, when connecting to some data sources including SAP HANA in DirectQuery mode from Power BI. You can now also connect to SAP HANA using Single Sign-On leveraging SAML.

Once you install the latest gateway, browse to the manage gateways page. Select the intended gateway and click on “Add data source”. When you select SAP HANA data source type, you should see the SSO for SAML option(highlighted below) now.





Public preview of SAP BW Single Sign-On (Kerberos) Support

This month we’re adding a new Preview capability that enables users to leverage Kerberos-constrained Single Sign On delegation when publishing DirectQuery-based reports on top of SAP BW Application Server data. You can find more details regarding Single Sign On in Power BI in this documentation article.

To try out this Preview feature, users will need to:

  1. Install latest Gateway release.
  2. Browse to the Manage Gateways page, select the desired Gateway and click “Add Data Source”.

After doing this, users should see the “Use SSO via Kerberos for DirectQuery” option under “Advanced Settings”.



More information regarding the setup for SAP BW SSO can be found here.


Improved Diagnostics

The service logs are now categorized into 3 buckets- Information, Error and network. This will provide a better troubleshooting experience allowing you to focus on a specific area depending on the error/issue. There is also an option to change the number of log files to retain in each category. More information related to this change can be found here.



Updated version of the mashup engine

Finally, this gateway update includes the same version of the Mashup engine as the Power BI Desktop update released earlier this month. This will ensure that the reports that you publish to the Power BI Service and refresh via the gateway will go through the same query execution logic/runtime as in the latest Power BI Desktop version. Note that there are some Beta connectors that are still not supported outside of Power BI Desktop. Please refer to specific connector documentation for more details or contact us if you have any questions.

That’s all for this month’s gateway update. We hope that you find these enhancements useful and continue sending us feedback for what new capabilities you’d like to see in the future.