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Power BI Report Server September 2023 Feature Summary

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Welcome to the September 2023 Power BI Report Server release! This release focuses on new features that enhance viewing, like the Report Server mobile view port improvements, full screen for PBIX and RDL viewing, and mobile layout switcher. We are excited to support bubble range scaling for Reporting. These features have been inclusively designed with better UX for report viewing and sharing! Please read on for all the details, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Report Server


Report Server


Full screen view

Customers have requested the ability to allow report consumers to present reports in full screen mode. We are excited to share, we have fulfilled this request. The full screen viewing option has been added to the view menu for PBIX reports and to the toolbar for RDL reports. To change view, select the view menu item and choose full screen view as shown below.

PBIX Full screen
Full screen view in PBIX report

The full screen view has been added to the toolbar in RDL reports, located on the far-right side of the pagination toolbar as shown in the image below.

RDL Full screen
Full screen view in RDL report

Responsive view navigation

For customers logging into Power BI Report Server with varying devices, we have enhanced the view port for smaller screens. This makes viewing reports more accessible. Users no longer need to scroll across to locate menu items. The view port has responsive design enabled for smaller viewers. The additional menu items are collapsed to accommodate the smaller screen size.

Menu collapsed



New layout switcher

We’ve added new buttons that make it easy for you to quickly switch between web and mobile layouts while you’re developing your reports. You’ll find the new switcher buttons down at the bottom of the screen, right next to the page navigator.
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Mobile layout interactive canvas

With this latest update we are happy to announce that we have made the mobile canvas interactive.
This new capability provides the ability to test how buttons, slicers, and visuals will behave on the app before publishing the report.

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  • But that’s not all. With this canvas interactivity, users can now interact with visuals directly and adjust Table and Matrix column headers to align perfectly with mobile screens.
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New bubble range scaling setting

We are introducing the new bubble range scaling setting for scatter chart and map visuals! This setting gives report creators more control over how the bubble (marker) sizes respond to the data, making it more accurate or distinctive based on preference.
With the magnitude option, the bubble areas closely follow the data proportions. With the data-range option, the bubble size limits are mapped to data minimum and maximum. The auto option, which is the default setting for new reports, selects the appropriate option based on data characteristics. For more information, visit our docs.
This setting can be adjusted in formatting panel, Markers > Shape > Range scaling for scatter charts or Bubbles > Size > Range scaling for maps.
For reports authored in earlier Power BI versions, these settings default to (Deprecated) for scatter charts (which differs in handling negative values), and Data range for map charts.
Azure Maps charts will also include this feature in a coming product update.

In the figure above, the size of each country represents Urban Population, which is also shown on the y-axis.


Well, that concludes the feature summary for September 2023. Let us know what you think! Which features do you like the most, and why? Comment below.

Continue to follow this blog for updates in the next release. Remember Power BI Report Server release cadence is September, January, and May.

If you would like to be a part of our customer research for paginated reports and provide product feedback, prototype assessment and staying abreast with what’s new, register here. If you would like to join our Reporting Services – Migration to Power BI user group, register now. We’d love to have you join in the fun and tune in to our monthly events!

As always, thank you for being loyal customers.