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Power BI Weekly Service Update

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

We are excited to announce an additional set of features available in this week’s update.

Start discovering your business insight instantly with natural language

Getting started with Q&A is even simpler. The moment you put your cursor inside the Q&A text box, we instantly display a list of questions and key metrics that are relevant to your data.  In the drop down, by default, you will see the questions for tiles already pinned to the dashboard as well as an entry for each table you have in your dataset. 


Seeing what questions the dashboard creator started with as well as the other tables you can ask questions about will make discovering insights that much simpler.  You can always choose one of these questions as a starting point and continue to refine the question and find that specific answer you are looking for. This is the first in a series of upcoming enhancements to help make natural language data exploration even more successful.

Build your report once and fit to all screen sizes

We understand it is critical to keep your report layout pixel perfect. Sometimes, it can be challenging, because you and your colleagues will view those reports on multiple screen sizes, with different aspect ratios from the one you originally designed your report. The dynamic canvas size we display by default renders all our report items with optimal dimensions for the browser window size. If you want to lock in the aspect ratio, or want to fit your report in a different way, we now support another three options for you:

Fit to Page: scale content to best fit the page

Fit to Width: Scale content to the width of the page

Actual Size: Display content at full size

You or your colleagues can also temporarily switch to a different mode in the reading mode as needed. 

Increased limit on the number of datasets and reports

Based on feedback from users, we’ve increased both the number of datasets and reports per dataset enabled in Power BI.  You can now have up to 200 datasets and 200 reports for each dataset in your Power BI account. Start bringing in more data and unlock more insights for your organization!