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Automation of Data Gateway Installation(Public Preview)

Headshot of article author Arthi Ramasubramanian Iyer

We are excited about the recent enhancements, we made to the data gateway PowerShell cmdlets. As a part of these enhancements, we have now introduced new cmdlets which enable automation of gateway installation.


1. These cmdlets require PowerShell 7 or higher. Please review our online documentation for additional details including installation guidelines.

2. The current release covers the installation of a gateway in a standard mode and a cluster with one gateway member only. Adding gateway members to an existing cluster or gateway recovery isn't currently supported via these cmdlets.


The silent install or gateway install automation can be broken down into 3 steps as shown in the image below.



Before you begin any of these steps, you would first connect to the gateway service using Connect-DataGatewayServiceAccount. You could choose to connect using a service principal.

  • Install: First you would install the gateway using the following command. As parameters to the command, you could pass the install location and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Configure: Once the install is complete, you can now configure the gateway using the following command. Here you would configure the gateway name and also provide a recovery key.
  • Add Admins: Finally you could add additional admins to your gateway. if you are running the silent install using a service principal, you would require to add additional admins to manage this gateway outside of the PowerShell module.

As part of the PowerShell module we have also included a sample script which will help you automate these commands

Please continue to send us feedback on this new feature and also any new capabilities you’d like to see in the future.