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Announcing Performance Improvements for Multi Geo Premium Capacities

Headshot of article author David Magar

The Power BI team completed a global roll out of an improvement to Premium Capacities configured in remote locations (also known as Multi Geo capacities)

Multi Geo capacities allow organizations with a global workforce to remain compliant with data residency regulations that vary between geographies. Organizations can have their main Power BI region set to where their headquartered, and have reports served from remote geographies while ensuring data at rest remains bounded to the remote geography.

With the latest improvement, remote users dependent on the remote capacity for viewing reports do not need to have their browsers connect to the home region while viewing and interacting with reports, making reports load faster and the data exploration experience faster and more responsive.

This new release takes Power BI a step further in providing best-in-class, fully compliant consumption experiences for its users.

Review the documentation on how to configure Multi Geo capacity and start using Power BI across the world today!