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Announcing Personalize Visuals General Availability (GA)

Headshot of article author Sujata Narayana

Back in May, we released a public preview of a new personalize visuals experience. With this new capability, you can empower your end-users to explore and personalize visuals all within the consumption view of a report. For example, your end-user can change a measure, a dimension, or the visualization itself.

Now this month, we are excited to announce that the feature is now generally available!

Let’s walkthrough the core capabilities for both consumers and creators!

Consumer capabilities

This feature allows end-users to gain further insights through ad-hoc exploration of visuals on a Power BI report.
Exploration scenarios include:

  • Change the visualization type

  • Swap out a measure or dimension

  • Add or remove a legend

  • Compare two or more measures, etc.

Not only does this feature allow for new exploration capabilities, but it also includes ways for end-users to capture, share, and revert their changes:

  • Capture their changes

  • Share their changes

  • Reset their changes to a visual

Creator capabilities

Personalize visuals feature is ideal for creators that want to quickly enable common exploration scenarios and control which fields can be used and which pages or visuals can be explored and personalized.
Creator capabilities include:

  • Enabling the feature at a report, page, or visual level

Report-level setting
Toggle for turning on personalize visuals feature
Page-level setting
Personalize visual toggle at the page level
Visual-level setting

  • Controlling the fields using Perspectives

  • Enabling the feature for embed scenarios

Here is an example of a report that can be explored without ever leaving Microsoft Teams:
Personalize visuals showing in Microsoft Teams

Coming soon this month, we will also add a configuration option for users that want to enable the ability to save the personalized view using bookmarks. Here is a sneak peak of the capability:

Personalize views can be saved as a bookmark

Thank you!

Special thanks to the preview users who provided early feedback and helped us improve. If you haven’t already, start using the personalize visuals experience today, and let us know what you think! 🙂