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Announcing Power BI Multi Geo General Availability

Headshot of article author David Magar

We are happy to announce the General Availability (GA) of Multi Geo for Power BI Premium!

With Multi Geo going GA, you can extend your Power BI tenant to store your users’ data in the geographies covered in the Microsoft Trust Center, except for Power BI Germany, Power BI China operated by 21Vianet or Power BI for US Government.

Multi Geo can also improve the performance of a dataset refresh under certain conditions.  The data sources should be cloud-based and datasets should be hosted in workspaces hosted on dedicated capacities located in close proximity to the cloud-based data sources.

Datasets requiring on-premise data sources access through the Power BI on-prem data gateway to refresh, will not see an improvement in data refresh performance since data in transit will still travel through the home region. Important to note that Power BI service will not persist data anywhere but in the Multi Geo premium capacity.

Users can take advantage of this feature by changing the location of existing Power BI Premium capacities or acquire new dedicated capacities such as EM or P premium capacities or A Power BI embedded capacities. Go to the Multi Geo docs in the Power BI Documentation site to learn more about using this feature.