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New Premium Metrics App preview now available

Headshot of article author David Magar

We are excited to announce that the all new metrics app for premium capacities is available here as public preview!
Please be sure to check the docs for detailed installation instructions.

This app will be the standard and only metrics app available out of the box for premium capacities after Premium Gen2 reaches General Availability late September. Functionality of the old Premium Utilization app will be disabled worldwide soon after the release of this app.

The new app is built to serve as an out-of-the-box one-stop-shop for whatever capacity admins will need to know in order to manage their Power BI Premium capacities.
In the initial preview version admins can:
1. Understand “the big picture” at a glance with 4 new spark lines, showing 4-week trends for: total CPU Power used by the capacity, number of artifacts processed each week, number of users served by the capacity each week and the maximum capacity size each week (measured in backend v-cores).
2. Understand how the usage of Power BI artifacts assigned to the capacity generates demand for capacity power. Admins can pivot between an artifact CPU power demand patterns, user popularity and processing time spent.
3. Highlights key aspects about reaching the limits of your capacity: The amount of time your capacity was exposed to the negative effects of overload, the size of artifacts on your capacity and its distance from the capacity limits and performance profile for artifacts.

The app consists of an overview page exposing all the above, an artifact drill-through page with up to 30s granularity of traffic for the past 2 weeks:

And also an evidence page to help analyze patterns in the creation of overload and to trace-back the impact overload did:

For convenient navigation and help access, the app contains a unique “filter reset” and “info” buttons. Clicking the info button will reveal in-page help content that will help explain what each page’s visuals describe, how to interact with them etc.

The app will continuously evolve to include more content and to simplify-further the overhead of managing premium capacities, so be sure to install any new version that is released.

We hope you enjoy the app and look forward to any feedback you may have.

The Power BI Premium team