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Power BI solution templates moving to open source

Headshot of article author Charles Sterling

January 1, we will be moving Power BI solution templates to open source.

This has the following implications:

  • The github repository will remain open and anyone can build solutions on the Power BI solution template code base.
  • The existing appsource entries for solution templates will be retired and links to appsource from Power BI will be removed.

One of the solution templates, Power BI Usage Metrics, is being hosted by its author, Neal Analytics, and will be available from appsource.

If you’ve implemented a Power BI solution template, this change has no impact on you.

Installed solution templates are unaffected. This only impacts you if you plan on implementing a new solution template in the future. If you want to do so, please do so this year.

For solution templates installed before 1/1/2019, the development team will continue responding to questions via email:
For solution templates installed after 1/1/2019, from the github repo, please work with the development team who implemented the solution template.