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SQL Server Reporting Services 2022 

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This release introduces the public preview of SQL Server 2022 Reporting Services (SSRS). At Microsoft, we understand the power of technology, and that’s why we continue to innovate, create, and design in a way that gives everyone the ability to achieve more. Designing for inclusivity opens our experiences and reflects how people adapt to the world around them. In this new release of SSRS, we have done a lot of accessibility work to make sure we are empowering people to achieve more. It includes enhanced Windows Narrator support, security enhancements, performance improvements, bug fixes, and reliability updates.

The portal received a facelift: screenshot

📣Reminder of features being removed with the next release of SQL Server

Back in 2020, we announced the deprecation of Report Server features Pin to Power BI, Mobile Reports and Mobile Report Publisher. These features will be removed from versions of SQL Server starting with SQL Server 2022 and will no longer be supported. Only the last three releases, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017, and SQL Server 2019, will be supported in maintenance mode until EOL (End of Life) for existing customers.

When we mark a feature as deprecated, it means:

  • The feature is in maintenance mode only. We’ll make no new changes, including changes related to interoperability with new features.
  • We strive not to remove a deprecated feature from future releases, to make upgrades easier. However, in rare situations, we may choose to permanently remove the feature from Reporting Services if it limits future innovations.
  • For new development work, we don’t recommend using deprecated features.


Features removed in future versions of SQL Server

Category Deprecated Feature Replacement
Report Server Mobile Reports and Mobile Report Publisher Power BI reports in Power BI Report Server offer mobile capabilities.


Report Server Pin to Power BI Paginated report support is now available directly in the Power BI service.



Please reach out with any feedback. Thank you for being a valued customer of Reporting Services.