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Webinar for February 2: Accelerate your Retail Business with Analytics by Hitachi Solutions

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A common challenge that businesses face today is creating something that improves on the value of traditional analytics while utilizing new technologies at our disposal. Turning data into insights and action is the hallmark of a good business intelligence solution. With the increasingly rich and populated Microsoft Cloud Technology landscape, new opportunities are presented in ways that organizations can leverage them.

Accelerate your Retail Business with Analytics by Hitachi Solutions

When: February 2, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. PT
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In this webinar, Hitachi Solutions will join Microsoft’s Charles Sterling to show how you can accelerate your Retail Business Intelligence practices through Hitachi Solutions’ Retail Churn Analytics solution.

We will discuss how Hitachi Solutions approaches business problems by providing customers a 360 view of key assets, using traditional descriptive methods; and then taking those insights a step further by leveraging Azure Machine Learning and prediction to anticipate future challenges and opportunities. We will preview how Hitachi Solutions uses the Azure technology landscape to provide a modernized architecture to companies looking to start moving their business onto the Microsoft Cloud Platform.