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Enterprise ready: Power BI Mobile now has Intune support

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

Today we are excited to introduce new enterprise-ready capabilities in Power BI Mobile apps.

This new version of Power BI for iOS and Android enables organizations to better protect against access to sensitive information in the application and prevent data leakage. In addition, organizations can do mass provisioning of the Power BI apps to a large number of employees at one time. All of this is powered by Power BI mobile integration with Microsoft Intune, the mobile application/device management (MAM/MDM) cloud solution.

Power BI mobile app users can stay connected to their data at all times, interacting easily with their dashboards and reports to discover insights on the go—and then take immediate action.

Responding to customers

Several customers in some organizations have let us know they have compliance restrictions and concerns specifically about sensitive information residing on a device. To mitigate these concerns and ensure we provide these customers with the safest and most compliant solution, we have integrated Intune mobile application management (MAM) capabilities into the Power BI mobile iOS and Android apps. The new capabilities enable the organizations to protect the corporate data with just a few clicks, in the following ways:

  • Better control access to the data:
    • Require a unique PIN code to access the BI application
    • Require device compliance restrictions, to access the application (such as: jailbreaking rooting, password protection, device health)
  • Prevent data leakage:
    • Restrict copying data from the applications or screenshots
    • Restrict sharing data form the application
    • Data encryption
    • Selective data wipe

On top of that, Power BI mobile apps can be provisioned with Intune’s MDM capabilities.

Using these capabilities, you can easily deploy the Power BI mobile app to all relevant stakeholders in the organization and, analyze provisioning and usage.

Have any feedback? Share with us and the Power BI Mobile community.