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Meet Our Demo Contest Finalists: Carlos Costa

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

Today we’re launching a series called “Meet our Finalists” so you can get a closer look into what motivates these Power BI rock stars to keep pushing self-service analytics to the limit.

Our first finalist is Carlos Costa, creator of this amazing Power BI demo:

Integrating Power BI with real time bank campaign information and Data Mining predictions



Profession: Student

Demo description

The banking institution can not only look to the past to see where they have been, but they can also look to the future to see where they could be by analyzing predictions of bank deposit membership success and the call durations of their marketing campaign. Not only that, they now have access to a unique feature, market segmentation, provided by our Clustering Solution.

What inspired my demo

I took inspiration from the necessity that any organization has, consuming and analyzing their data with the most value possible, in this case looking to the past, predicting the future and taking an action.

What is the coolest BI project I’ve ever worked on?

This one 🙂

What is my favorite BI blog and why?

Of course, the Power BI Blog, not just to look good in this picture, but it was the first blog that I began to follow seriously, because of the contest. That made me follow the Microsoft BI page, and now I take notes and ideas from that. It is awesome. Apart from that I follow these groups: Business Intelligence Professionals and Big Data.

What did I do before I was a BI Pro?

I’m still a student, I don’t consider myself “a pro”. I’ve done a few works in BI, my favorite Information Systems area, but essentially I’m just a curious, motivated, hungry and empowered guy — fueled by data as I would say 😀